Bevel solves tricky building industry problems with clever uses of spatial technology.  From communication struggles to design dilemmas - we move your projects forward faster, easier, and better.

Walk through your model - on site!

In Argyle, your entire model overlays your jobsite - like a blanket of holograms to help your team deliver, document, and communicate.

It’s a visual quality assurance tool for your jobsite team - and it doesn’t take a techie to use!

Augmented Plans Make Communication Easy

Handheld Augmented reality makes communicating complex building designs easy – It’s a bit like bringing a Revit model to the job site, instantly keyed to your plan documents.

Illustrate construction details in three dimensions on top of the official construction document.  Then see 360 degree photospheres of the full model at scale.

Get Started On Your Custom Project

Bevel's spatial solutions brings your construction project to life.  Our augmented reality enhances planning, inspections, communication and more!

Get in touch with us for a gratis consultation to see how your project can move forward faster, easier and better!  

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