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Augmented Reality – Interior Design Tool

Design Week Portland: We were invited to build an Augmented Reality for iPhone experience for Pollinator— a work lab that is changing the way we experience work through people-centered design.

We had a blast coming up with this furniture showroom previewer using iPad Pro or iPhone and AR Kit. We played with color swapping on the walls and cycle through pre-loaded furniture arrangements. You can rotate and place the furniture once it appeared in the room.

Augmented Reality for Architetcure

Augmented Reality is so fun for real world architectural applications because you can start manipulating the physical real world in virtual space. Instead of a hologram floating arbitrarily in space, we have a real world wall and floor we can play with in virtual space and express in different ways–all on the fly.

Augmented Reality for Interior Design

The genius of this Augmented Reality app was its location snapping. When you’re able to design a AR app for a predetermined physical location you can virtually manipulate the real world.? For example, our materials swapper allows you to select “real world” as a material option. One click of a button and you can see that real world get covered in yellow plaster–all possible because the experience was designed for its location.

Another benefit to location snapping is that it keeps virtual models aligned to the real world and allows them to persist in the same spatial location in a saved state. This lets you share your arrangement, color palate, and furniture choices for future users.

Other rad applications for location-aware AR:

Visualization Techniques?- Beveled Window AR – hold an iPad up to your real world building location to visualize how it will look (or looked) at various stages of the project.

Augmented Architectural Models – Classic tactile architectural models can be augmented through animations, enhanced detail, or enhanced photospheres. Use the model like a dimensional computer.

Customization – Plan furniture, wallpaper, custom lighting with an app that allows users to customize their space in your showroom.

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