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CAD to Virtual Reality: Instant VR Solutions

VR Made Easy

VR isn?t just for big firms with big projects (and bigger budgets) anymore.

Independent design studios are taking advantage of one click VR software to create efficiencies in their flat fee work and gain a competitive edge through truly powerful design communication.

Architects, real estate developers, and contractors are also starting to take note. We see an increase in virtual walkthroughs requested by the client; developers are preselling units in VR; and more construction contractors are offering VR walkthroughs.

Bevel?s Four Favorite Instant VR Solutions

Since equipment costs are so low (averaging between $200-$600 for a headset), the hang-up for many firms hoping to incorporate VR is how to get started.

We work directly with AEC firms on implementing VR tech, so it was important to us that the products we recommend are easy to use and visually compelling.

Fortunately for you, we have tested all of the products, have used them with architects and their clients, and have narrowed it down to our 4 favorite ?instant VR? solutions.

Every product on our list offers true room-scale VR capabilities that convert your CAD models into room-scale experiences with only a click or two. They really are that easy. And that makes these four a smart choice for newbies and experts alike.

Download the full comparison chart with insights here

In no particular order, we recommend:

Enscape?The desktop version is a popular tool among architects, and for firms who already use it, the Revit and Sketchup to VR plugin is easy and simple to use.

Insight VR?If multiple users is your top priority, take a closer look at Insight VR.

Iris Prospect?The most versatile and has the longest free trial, multi-user is in beta and should be coming soon.

Symmetry?The One to Watch. Free to try, this Sketchup focused product is in development and shows promise.

TIP: The better your model,?the better your VR experience. Use good BIM practices,?get modeling, and click it into VR using one of these solutions. You?ll be so glad you did.

Now that we have narrowed it down for you, which software to choose really depends on what your goals are and how your building is modeled?Is VR going to be more of an internal design tool? Or would you like it for client presentations? Do you want to go from Revit to VR? Or do you prefer using Sketchup? We know several firms that pay for more than one of these ?instant VR? solutions to fit their various needs.

To help you work through these questions, we created a handy comparison chart.

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Bevel is not a reseller or receiving commission on any of the products we discuss (in other words, these really are our favorites!). These products are adding updates and new features all the time, so make sure to check back frequently for updates and more info on how to make your VR experiences comfortable and communicative.

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