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Future of Architecture and Construction?

Architizer recently published this article about the future of architecture and construction being “all about virtual reality.”

While the article provided an excellent summary of the available tools, VR’s use at architecture and construction firms is not exactly the future anymore. Virtual reality is being used today at ever-increasing numbers of architecture and construction firms.?Whether it’s schematic design to acquire new work, project teams holding their weekly design meetings in VR, or construction contractors putting the “Virtual” into Virtual Design and Construction.

Virtual Reality isn’t architecture and construction’s future so much as its present. The tech is here, it’s affordable for any size firm, and basic VR tools can have a huge impact on your practice without a lot of additional training. Getting your firm using these amazing tools is essential to the new Now. But as with any new technology, it’s not exactly as easy as buying the equipment. Raise your hand if your firm uses its 3-D printer exactly as much as anticipated? Anyone?

Bevel offers consulting to get firms equipped with the right software and hardware for their practice and customized training to incorporate VR into existing workflows. With our years of experience in on-boarding firms and assisting their clients into virtual reality we teach you when and how to use VR, how to walk a client through their building, how to create VR experiences that will improve client communication, and how to use VR as a team to anticipate and detect conflicts, improve scheduling and work through phasing of projects. In addition to training, we also offer ongoing subscriptions to act as your firm’s VR department.

The difference between owning a VR headset and owning a powerful tool that helps your practice is a matter of experience and education. That’s why we’re here. To empower you.?

So if Virtual Reality is the present, what is in Architecture and Construction’s future?

More on this later, but look forward to better augmented reality glasses, multi-user experiences, meeting in virtual spaces, and spatial computing enhanced VR.

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