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Introducing: VR for AEC Workshops

When room-scale virtual reality hit the scene in 2015 it was lauded as a game changer for architecture. Now it’s almost 2018–headsets are cheap, software is better than ever, and most firms either have a VR headset or are planning on investing on one this year.?

When you review the case studies and VR success stories, VR’s true value becomes clear–not as a marketing pitch or another way to bill clients, but as a cost savings tool. VR reduces risk. VR facilitates decision making. VR helps you evaluate constructibility and detect clashes faster and better. VR is the secret weapon against bad VE. Understanding how you can creatively use VR to address common problems in your practice is what makes the difference to a project’s bottom line.

Ok, I can see my building in VR.?What’s next??

As we spent the last year canvassing firms, we learned that using VR tools and hardware is relatively easy–knowing how, when, and why to use them is another story.?Many of the professionals we talked to weren’t sure what they could be doing in VR without us. Even if they knew how to see their buildings in VR, many were not confident or familiar enough with VR tools to know how to leverage them.

Seeing your building for VR for the first time is exciting. But many professionals fail to move past this stage to see the true utility of this power.?This is understandable. It’s not just a matter of learning new hardware and new software–it’s a mental shift. Never before have we been able to experience our designs at scale while they’re still fluid enough to be changed. And yet we frequently see VR brought in at the very end of the project instead of being leveraged from the beginning.

Introducing: Bevel’s VR and AR Workshops

Our workshops teach you how to leverage VR for spatial communication so you save time, money, and hassle.

We now offer workshops, 2 ways:

1. In-Firm Workshops

We teach in your firm, on your schedule, about the topics you care about most. Whether you want to spend an hour focusing on best practices to get your Enscape VR experiences up to snuff or you want to dig deeper into the opportunities for to give your healthcare clients more value. Firms can also schedule all or part our professional workshop series. In the next week we will be adding more

Rates beginning at $350/session and up depending on length of course and number of attendees.

2. Professional Workshop Series

Beginning in January, 2018 in Portland and Seattle – These small group happy hour workshops are priced per individual.?Our first series is VR for AEC ?– a comprehensive dive into using VR profitably. Whether you currently use VR or have been meaning to try it, this course looks at applied skills for VR beyond the basics of setup and software use.?Beer is on us.

Whether you’re considering the firm workshop or professional series workshop, if you schedule with us before Dec. 31, you will receive a Earlybird Discount!


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