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PDX Digital Construction Summit

Last weekend, the Bevel team attended the Digital Construction Summit in Portland and came away with 30 pages of notes written in Maret’s signature single spaced 8 pt font. Here were some of the overarching themes:

1. The West Coast is getting serious with Scandinavia.?

One of the most unexpected insights was how the west coast, and specifically the upper left coast is becoming increasingly aligned with friends from Finland. Seriously. Our shared values, natural resources, and interest in tech has our two regions considering a marriage of tech and human resources.

2. Construction and Manufacturing

The summit touched on manufacturing in three ways: First, the northwest is manufacturing a timber building product called cross laminated timber that is being used in the first timber high-rises.?Second, the pre-fabrication trend is continuing with coded building products that arrive to the building site. Finally, we are beginning to apply the lessons learned in the manufacturing industry to increase output for upcoming building booms.

3. Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality as a Tool

While it was no surprise to the Bevel team, we were excited to be able to share our insight into the ways in which VR and AR can transform the design process, improve client communication, and can be part of virtual design and construction. We had a great time at the summit and hope it happens again soon.

#augmentedreality #virtualreality

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