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This Is An Awesome AR Demo To Download

We have some pretty clever people working at Bevel, who recently attended Autodesk University and had the pleasure of having our AR demo presented in Unity’s keynote.

With all of the work we have been doing with Unity and Revit in our spatial technology solution making, Bevel has become somewhat of an expert in the field. Bevel was at Unity Technologies’s booth, as well as featured in Unity’s keynote at this years’ Autodesk University conference in Las Vegas Nov 12-15, 2018.

Autodesk University and the Unity Booth

Autodesk University?is a huge 4-day conference in Las Vegas that according to their website says is “the conference for those who design and make the world around us”, it’s a pretty big deal, “connecting 10,000 professionals from construction, manufacturing, architecture, engineering, and media creation.”

So pretty much all of you people that we are making solutions for.

Bevel was featured at the Unity booth and Simon and Logan made the most of it, by showing off our?Augmented Reality Plans, kicking butts and taking names of those interested in downloading our demo plans and/or signing up to receive?info on our soon to be released AR app.

Logan speaking at Unity booth at Autodesk University

Logan speaking at Unity booth at Autodesk University

What are these Augmented?Reality plans?

Augmented plans make communication easy.?Handheld Augmented reality makes communicating complex building designs easy?It?s a bit like bringing a Revit model to the job site, instantly keyed to your plan documents.

Illustrate construction details in three dimensions on top of the official construction document.? Then see 360-degree photospheres of the full model at scale.

Bevel at Unity booth showing of our AR plans demo on Ipad

Bevel at Unity booth showing of our AR plans demo on Ipad

Augmented Plans are just one of the ways we?re leveraging our clients? 3D Revit models using Unity.

Be the first to wow your clients

Use augmented plans and zip on through design review

We work with you to transform your construction docs into 3D presentation and communication tools. Customize your user interface and add special features to site plans like animations, diagrams, and infographics.

Demo of Bevel AR plans being used

Demo of Bevel AR plans being used

Our creativity is unlimited, but our augmented reality developers are not!?We have availability for only 4 more projects?for delivery by March 2019.?Sign up now to make sure we still have a spot for you!

How it works

  1. We talk with you to get your specific needs and features.

  2. We review your design files and give you a bid.

  3. Then we augment your plans!

Claim Your Spot

Download our AR demo plans

To show off /convince your team to use AR in your next project

You understand all of this Unity – Revit, AR plans demo stuff, but now it’s your job to convince the person in charge of your next project. It’s our goal to make this next step as seamless as possible. That’s why, with the helpful nudge of a deadline for Autodesk University, we have come out with some demo plans for you to download and use anywhere.

Bevel AR plans being used in real world setting on-site

Bevel AR plans being used in real-world setting on-site

Have a tablet? You are 4 steps away to creating AR 3D digital models on our plan sheet.

  1. Get the demo app

  2. Print the plans

  3. Check out those plans in AR

  4. Augment your project with Bevel

Download demo

Already have plans? We create custom interactive presentations with our technology. Space is limited, so contact us today.

Bevel was also featured in the Unity Keynote at Autodesk University.?

Bevel’s feature in the Unity Keynote at Autodesk University

Autodesk University was a whirlwind in the best way. We know that WE are excited about what we can do but seeing faces light up with the realization of what this means for them and their clients has us beaming. More than a handful of those that participated with this hands-on AR Demo confessed that they had basically given up on their Revit to Unity pipeline but that THIS is a game changer. The ability to help all stakeholders visualize every iteration of the project is one thing. Getting to make that concept a reality is our privilege.

We know we love it but don?t take our word for it, watch the video and you can experience the possibilities yourself.

Bevel Unity to Revit Video used in Keynote

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